Norfolk and Norwich Operatic Society

Dear Kath,

On behalf of the Norfolk and Norwich Operatic Society I would like to thank you for your gracious hospitality on the occasion of the Sheringham Savoyards HMS Pinafore concert in Sheringham last Thursday. I am sorry that it was only me in attendance but I had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It was lovely to see friends on stage and so many friends from other societies too who enjoyed the evening as much as I.

I do enjoy HMS Pinafore and I thought all the leads were so good. It was lovely to hear the wonderful diction from the likes of Patrick Monk, Andy Weston and Malcolm Poore and I thought Jan sang beautifully. I have always been in awe of Pam Warrens' wonderful contralto voice and I was not disappointed listening to her Dear Little Buttercup.

I thought Jason did a great job keeping the flow of the evening going. It was quite a spine tingling moment when the whole theatre resounded to 'Hail Poetry' with full dynamics.

It was very good to see Alan Stables there despite his recent fall and to be so lucid without notes as his tender years. I had a most enjoyable conversation with him after the performance.

It really is sad to think that the company has folded after 34 glorious years. I am sure the last performance on the Friday night was especially poignant for all involved either on stage or for those whose had graced the stage with the Savoyards over the years. I sure there were a few tears. It would be hard not to admit to the mixed emotions of having enjoyed 34 great years, a great final performance and also knowing the performance was the last.

Thank you again for your hospitality. I hope the final days of the Sheringham Savoyards have been enjoyed by all.

Best wishes for the future.

Niamh Church
Committee Member Norfolk and Norwich Operatic Society.