Dear Kath,

Well this is to be sent electronically as not certain of an address for you, so sorry no fancy NODA notepaper this time.

Thank you very much for the kind invitation to your Final Farewell Performance and a great production (semi-staged) of HMS Pinafore, and how sad we all are that Savoyards are bringing down the curtain, and perhaps hopefully we can persuade a ‘concert’ style continuation for the audiences’ enjoyment.

This ‘concert version’ but with some costumes and movement was excellently put together by Jason Bell, loved his link dialogue and explanations, and such a great cast on stage. Interesting to see the principals taken from various Savoyards versions of Pinafore melded together in reprises from over the years, certainly a dream cast of actors and voices, and an interesting matching of roles with the audience favourites joined together in showing their skills and professionalism.

Oh to be able to pick the principals of choice and match the voices to perfection and to see the best over a time-span! An imposing Captain Corcoran from Malcolm Poore with the presence and voice to lead his excellent and gallant crew; a Ralph Rackstraw of soaring notes and feeling from Patrick Monk; Pamela Warren’s mellow and perfect notes are a joy and a delight to hear and stage presence as Buttercup in one of my favourite roles from her in performance; a delightful and youthful looking Jan Bird returning as Josephine to give us all pleasure in her singing and the match with Patrick; a very nasty character as Dick Deadeye from Jonathan Starling and how he enjoys these types of roles; and with style and diction and timing, Andy Weston shows all how much he relishes the patter roles as he plays Sir Joseph in a masterclass performance. The trio’ Bells’ was excellent in balance and voice and style and humour: in fact all that I expect of the Sheringham group and how the audience did enjoy it! One should not overlook all those excellent smaller roles who added so much to the whole: Kath Whiting as Hebe, David Allison and Maurice Whiting sharing the role of Bill Bobstay, and Lester Shaw and Rex Wheeler sharing Bob Beckett, their roles in the concerted numbers very important, as were all the chorus who sang with enthusiasm. And the company numbers were filled with harmony and musicality and joy of the piece: Ro Curtis (MD) and Lester Shaw (accompanist) should be proud of bringing all together to give the audience the joy of this sound.

Your excellent programme and poster will go into 2013 NODA East Competition.

Thank you also for inviting me to stay for the party and cake, what a delight it has been for me to come to so many of your shows over the years and to enjoy your company and music, and I still hold hopes that you might survive perhaps in a different format, as to deny North Norfolk of your G&S specials would be very sad and we will miss you. Thank you.